Become a better investor with these 3 FREE tools

3 investing tools for higher returns

Do you find it difficult to find out which stocks to invest in? Then you should check out the programs below. They make you a better investor and increase the likelihood that you will succeed with your investments. 

All three offers a free plan where you can play around with the basic features. You can also take advantage of solid discounts on the paid plans, which I have negotiated for the readers of my blog!

1. Simply Wall St

Here you get an easy-to-understand and visual experience of stock analysis, so that you become a more efficient investor.

Simply Wall St calculates a stock's 'intrinsic value' using the discounted cash flow method.

That means you can easily and quickly find underpriced stocks and thus get higher returns.

2. FinChat

Finchat gives you access to the same information that the professionals have, and makes it easier to find stocks that fit your strategy.

Here you get up to 30 years of history of accounts and other company data, nicely presented in interactive graphs that make it easier to understand the accounts. You also get a finance-focused AI chat where you can ask for company analyses, breakdowns of how they make money, and much more.

Through this blog you get a 30 percent discount on Finchat on the paid plan.

3. Koyfin

Koyfin is for you who are looking to work in the same way as professional investors - without having to pay tens of thousands a year for programs like Bloomberg Terminal.

With over 500 different parameters you can include in the screener to find companies, you can find exactly the companies you want to find, such as technical factors, fundamental factors, analyst opinion, growth factors and much more.

Through me you get a 15% discount on Koyfin's paid plan.