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Who am I?

Thomas utbyttemaskinen

My name is Thomas, and I have invested in the stock market for over 13 years. I am passionate about saving and investing, with experience as a content producer at Sparebank 1 and as a content manager at the comparison service Tjenestorget. Over the years in the stock market, I have made some observations, gained some experiences and knowledge that I myself wish I had had when I was a new investor. 

I started for you who want to become a better investor, build passive income, or read savings tips that improve your personal finances. To contribute to public education around savings and investment, quite simply.

Thomas utbyttemaskinen

My investment philosophy


Max. 10 stocks in the portfolio

økende topplinje

Buying companies with growing revenues

low cap

Buying companies with low market cap

Long-term view

hvordan spare penger

Regular savings into the portfolio

volatilitet aksjer

Hold stocks through ups and downs

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See the top investors' favorite books

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